About TMP

Founded in 2021, Toxic Metal Press is a Small Press Collective operating in South Minneapolis.

Toxic Metal Press formed from the need for independent artists to sell their work to peers outside the context of yearly conventions and comic shops. As a Small Press Collective operating in South Minneapolis, Toxic Metal Press brings together the fun of the Twin Cities’ Independent Comics scene with the ease and accessibility of online commerce. 

Our mission is to empower artists working at the intersection of Comics, Zines, and Printmaking by creating a commerce platform that celebrates handmade goods and independent projects.

The founding members of Toxic Metal Press are:

Ari S. Mulch

Ari S. Mulch is a cartoonist based out of a cave beneath the streets of the Twin Cities. If you look outside on a clear night, you may see them toiling away to bring you more tales of hysterical terror.

arimulch.com / patreoninstagram / twitter / tumblr

Lane Lincecum

Working under the moniker UGLYGIRLSWAG, Lane Lincecum is a multi-talented visual artist creating work that explores the fragility of daily life with irreverence and sensitivity.

lanelincecum.com / instagram / twitter / tumblr

Michael Kay

Known on the internet as “Serpentenial” manga-inspired artist Michael Kay is creating illustrations and a comic of fantastical and gothic macabre.

Patreon / Portfolio / Instagram / Tumblr