BoyGirl Bundle

BoyGirl Bundle

Why not have it all? Live the best of both worlds with this selection of two of our best-selling books from authors Ari S. Mulch and Michael Kay. This special bundle comes with a variety of holographic stickers, including the newly designed "I GOT MY TBOY/TGIRL SWAG AT TOXIC METAL PRESS".


Loan From The Girl Zone is a collection of short comics made by Ari S. Mulch during 2016-2017. Some were previously published in minis and some have never been published before.
Titles included in the collection:

-Angie Has a Bad Day
-Cicadidae (Unreleased!)
-Coming Back To You
-2 Girls and a Caricature
-I Found God In The Mosh Pit
-Fat Bitch Nudes

‘A Boy Like You’ is a collection of homoerotic art created by Michael Kay from 2018 to 2021. The culmination of a journey of self acceptance, growth from a repressing youth, and opening up one’s heart to homosexual desire and love. This book is here to debase what some think manhood ought to be, and puts a pink spotlight on the complications and wonders of being a gay guy. 30 pages.